Director of Photography

The images created by 6 time Daytime Emmy winner, Bill Berner, reflect his wide breadth of experience, from his roots in the performing arts to his creative use of lighting and camera movement for television.


Bill's background as a still photographer is evidenced by his strong graphic compositions. His experience as a lighting designer for theater, arena rock concerts and virtually all types of television programming is apparent in his bold use of lighting.


His visual aesthetic is based upon creating powerful images that combine expressive lighting with dynamic camera movement. He believes, however that these images must always be organic to, and in support of the story being told. In concert with the director Bill effectively communicates each project's story & mood, scene by scene, shot by shot, and frame by frame.


Bill's uncommon depth of experience spans single and multi camera narrative, reality, entertainment, and blue/green screen vfx. He has been nominated for eighteen Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding cinematography, lighting, directing,and producing, and has won the award six times.


Bill's commitment, efficiency, and ability to get every dollar on the screen are some of the traits that enabled him to forge long lasting relationships in the industry.